Thursday, February 27, 2014

TnJ 481(2/27/14)

Super-duper thanks to guest toast David del Mauro for getting us spinning this week…


GRATEFUL DEAD – Man Smart, Woman Smarter  (4/2/89 Civic Arena, Pittsburgh, PA)
GRATEFUL DEAD – Brown Eyed Women  (5/8/77 Barton Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY)
GRATEFUL DEAD – Hard to Handle  (1973 History of the Grateful Dead, Volume One [Bear’s Choice], c. 1970)
TAME IMPALA – Half Full Glass of Wine  (2008 Tame Impala EP)
TENACIOUS D – Star Trek  (mystery source)
TAME IMPALA – Alter Ego  (2010 Innerspeaker)
DR. DOG – My Old Ways  (2007 We All Belong)
GRATEFUL DEAD – the Other One  (2000 Dick’s Picks Volume 18, 2/5/78 UNI-Dome, Cedar Falls, IA)


DR. DOG – We All Belong  (2007 We All Belong)
GRATEFUL DEAD – El Paso  (5/8/77 Barton Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY)
the WATERBOYS – We Will Not Be Lovers  (1988 Fisherman’s Blues)
TAME IMPALA – Why Won’t You Make Up Your Mind?  (2010 Innerspeaker)
JIM REEVES – Mexican Joe  (1953 Bimbo)
WEEN – the Mollusk  (1997 the Mollusk)
MORPHINE – Dawna   (1993 Cure for Pain)
DR. DOG – Cuckoo  (2013 B-Room)
NEIL YOUNG – When You Dance You Can Really Love  (1970 After the Gold Rush)
GRATEFUL DEAD – Bertha  (2014 Dave’s Picks Volume 9, 5/14/74 Adams Field House, Missoula, MT)
GRATEFUL DEAD – Deal  (5/8/77 Barton Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY)

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And no, the eagle-eyed and astute among you didn't miss a week - there was no show last week, pre-empted in favor of the Mix Santa Fe mayoral debate (^_^) TOAST

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