Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Tune in, turn on, and jam out with Toast-n-Jam this Thursday night and feast your ears on preview tracks from the forthcoming Widespread Panic album Dirty Side Down, to be released next Tuesday (5/25/10).

The Athens, GA touring juggernaut has gone back to the well, as it were, to record with producer John Keane, who's always had a nice touch with the band's sound (maybe I'm the only one who thinks 'Til the Medicine Takes was a great record, but no one can argue against Space Wrangler, can they?).

Official 5-word review upon first listen: 1) Best 2) Album 3) Since 4) Mikey 5) Died.

No offense to George McConnell lovers (he's a great guy and an excellent axe slinger), but I think Jimmy Herring and the boys - with John Keane at the helm - demonstrate an outstanding chemistry on this release.

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