Monday, January 11, 2010


Santa Fe Brewing Company, Santa Fe, NM

By Ian's own admission, they went off the list at times. This was their first show of the new year, and though the setlist was similar to their last Santa Fe visit, the arrangements were definitely tighter.

I seem to remember "Standin" happening much earlier in the show than as listed, and the band invited several ladies to shake it onstage during that number (despite the SF Brewing Co's stage being the size of a postage stamp).

Practice makes perfect: on this particular evening, signature songs "Meanwhile...," "Put It In the Dumpsta (curiously not listed, though appearing within the first half-dozen songs)," and especially "I Cannot Make It" were some of the tightest, phat-est, low-down-funkiest jams ever known to man.

In the unlikely event you've seen them before and were unimpressed, try again - they've ripened nicely.

Ivan Neville, Nick Daniels, Tony Hall, Raymond Webber, and Ian Neville are A TEN-ARMED FUNK JUGGERNAUT! Only James Brown and Parliament were ever any funkier.

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WeLoveLiveMusici said...

love seeing live bands. I'll keep an eye out for them if they're in the LA area

Anonymous said... is a great way to track bands you like (or to find bands you don't know about yet) coming to your area - give it a try