Tuesday, September 22, 2009


...I wouldn'ta belieft it. If the Chuck Mead / Felice Brothers / Old Crow Medicine Show combo rolls through your town (and I think I overheard them saying they were going through Arizona next) -- YOU -- MUST -- SEE -- THIS.

I was so transfixed by the amazing, bestial showmanship on the stage tonight, I couldn't even bring myself to break away for a "trip to the loo." For like, 3 hours.

I'm still too shell shocked to make any cogent statements right now, actually.


You won't be sorry. Forget what other people are saying is worth checking out. This is it. The most authentic, jubilant, visceral, insane, possibly deadly spectacle I've ever witnessed. Their energy level was so off-the-chart I kept thinking they were gonna hurt themselves. If they can keep this up indefinitely, they're definitely on to something.

God bless you all for such a magical night (^_^)

# # #

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